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"Osho Dallas Meditation Center" at Zorba Studio is a non-profit entity*. We are a small group dedicated to the vision of enlightened master Osho.  We invite you to join our meditation programs and become part of our family.

Our effort is to make Osho meditations and activities available to many as people as possible without much obligation and financial burden. Yet just like any other organization, we have expenses towards the place, utilities and supplies.

You can help us by bringing your loving presence and offering automatic monthly donation by subscribing to any one of the options that suits your financial situation*. Suggested donation for the Monthly Membership is $55, However, we would like to keep it open & flexible. You can stop monthly payment anytime clicking on the "Stop" button below.

Membership Options

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In Gratitude-
Osho Dalllas Meditation Center

*Non Profit Status IRS 501(c)(3)